Fall Favorites

A few months ago, during a “let’s go pick up a few things from Bed, Bath, & Beyond” trip turned into a, “let’s go spend half our savings at Bed, Bath, & Beyond,” outing we purchased a full length mirror, that much to my pleasant surprise, included a bonus dry erase marker as well…It’s the little things in life.


(Mila and I were obviously shopping together)

On a particularly lousy Monday, I put that marker to work and compiled a ‘looking forward to’ list. Because it’s hard to be all Eeyore about life, when you’re staring at all your reasons to be happy.


Atop the gratitude list this week:


Upcoming Getaways: Midwest-Dallas-East Coast. Family. Friends. Weddings. Football. Yes Please.


Fall Weather: It’s in the 60s today. Meaning that I am wearing a sweater and not sweating. That, in and of itself, is reason to rejoice!





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