I often go days without encountering any subjects worth blogging, wondering…Will I ever blog again??…And then, when I least expect it, a topic essentially tackles me. Like it’s so good, I can’t not blog it. Today, I was hit hard by the T Bone Train (for those of you who don’t know-T Bone is one of my mom’s many nicknames).

Anyway, T Bone’s birthday is tomorrow, and I’ve been asking what kind of cake she would like me to make. She was riding the Red Velvet-Carrot Cake teeter totter until this morning, when this is the text I received:

“Callme soon. Know way cake.” (No typos here on my part, just wanted to accurately display the text)

Being unable to decipher the message imbedded in the text, I call my mom immediately.

The conversation proceeds to go something like this:

“Hey mom, what’s going on?”

“Hi honey, sorry my fat fingers can’t type. I’m watching Kelly and Michael and I know what cake I want you to make! They’re making it on the show right now and it looks SO good. His mom makes it for his birthday every year and I am sold. So get onto the website and print the recipe. I just couldn’t wait until later to tell you.”


Since T Bone couldn’t wait to tell me, I figured I shouldn’t wait to blog it either.

Worthy Yellow Cake/Chocolate Frosting Recipe Listed Below:



2 Boxes of Butter Recipe Cake Mix

1 C Flour

1 C Sugar

1 ¼ C Oil

2 C Sour Cream

10 Eggs



1 Stick of Butter

4 C Powdered Sugar

Evaporated Milk

1/3 C Cocoa




Preheat oven to 350°. Mix all ingredients together. Spray baking dish or cake pan with cooking spray and spread cake mixture evenly. Bake for one hour. Let cool before frosting.


Cream softened butter. Mix powdered sugar and cocoa into evaporated milk until you can handle it. Add creamed butter and mix until texture is smooth.



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