For the Love of Lazy Days

I have been craving a lazy day. Like a pile all the blankets and pillows I own onto the couch, set up shop, and don’t move for 12 hours kind of day. I’m still recovering a bit from a cold I’ve had all week, “I think I’ve got the black lung, pop. *Cough, Cough*” and it’s supposed to rain all weekend. Meaning, I may just get this lazy day in after all. However, in order to really knock a day like this out of the park, a bit of prep work is required.


Without further ado, My Lazy Day Essentials:

Magazines-Because sometimes, reading a book requires too much effort. My personal favs: Glamour, People, Self, Oprah, and Cosmopolitan. You read those 5, and you basically have all you need to know about life at your fingertips.


Movies– If you’re with the ladies, of course you’re going to have Chick-Flicks galore “Omg, The Lizzie McGuire Movie, I haven’t seen this in at least 6 months!!” And, if you’re with your boyfriend, you’re probably going to have to settle on some Action Film, “Okay, I guess I’ll stare at Ben Affleck and Jeremy Renner for 2 hours, and listen to their sexy Boston accents.” Either way, movies are a must.


Snacks-Popcorn with m&ms is forever atop my list of beloved treats.


And of Course, Sweatpants-Preferably with elastic.


And if you feel like you need to do something active after an entire day spent on the couch, build a fort!



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