Candy Trading Wars

It’s almost October!! Meaning -Candy Corn and Peanuts up the wazoo-Think Salted Nut Roll, but better! I love October…partially because the chubby 5th grade version of myself still associates it with Halloween. My brother, sister, and I used to dump out our pillow cases (yes, pillowcases) when we got home and have Candy Trading Wars. You know what I mean, “I’ll give you 5 Smarties for 1 Snickers,” or “I’ll give you the orange and brown wrapped taffy for free, that stuff is nasty.”

Image I trick-or-treated until I was in high school. Judge me if you want, but there’s got to be some benefit in being a nearly certified midget. For me, the perk was standing as a 16 year old, amongst toddlers, begging for treats.


Believe it or not, trick-or-treating wasn’t the only thing I loved about October growing up. I also loved the movie Hocus Pocus.


And more of course…so much more. To Be Continued.


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