Spice Up Ya Life

I feel like Christina Aguilera today. You can’t hold me down. The Bears and Packers are playing tonight, meaning that Facebook smack-talk stats are flying like crazzzzy. And I love it.


 I might even dye my hair during the game. But that’s only if I’m feeling really wild. I go the poor girl, grocery store route to hair dye. It’s kind of fun, you never know if your hair will end up matching Julia Roberts’ hair, or her dogs’. Ah, the mystery!


Either way, I’m getting out of the weeknight rut. You know, the 6 p.m. dinner, 7 p.m. shower, 8 p.m. bedtime thing.

Weeknight routines can become somewhat of a yawn. My suggestions to “spice up ya life?”:

DVR All the Good Shows You Miss During the Day at Work-Whip up a batch of no-pudge fudge brownies BUT make sure to add extra chocolate chips to make up for the lost calories, and curl up to the humor of Kelly & Michael and Ellen.


Have a Game Night-I love Scattegories and my all-time fav is charades. Despite my overly aggressive competiveness, when I win I,  I always have a great time.


Go Out for Chips and Salsa and Margs-Houston obviously boasts some pretty stellar Tex-Mex. Going out for chips and drinks is a relatively inexpensive way to get out on the town.


Watch Football!!-Now we’ve come full circle. It’s fall, which means, every week provides reason to hang out with friends and eat lots of phenomenal food. Now really, what could be better?!



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