I’m all about the little things in life. I get excited about trips to Costco, ‘buy 10, get 1 free’  fro yo and sandwich cards, and landing on my favorite episode of ‘King of Queens’. So, it comes as no surprise that I have a lengthy list of guilty pleasures. Urban Dictionary defines a guilty pleasure as “Something that you love to do, but you just cannot admit that you do it.” Forget that. I own my eccentricities. My favorite guilty pleasures?

Dressed Up Pooches. Funny, cute, and sophisticated. Before you go waving the animal rights flag, allow me to explain. My dogs aren’t normally clothed. They try outfits on momentarily and for photo ops only.   


Game Day Sweats. The main reason I love football season is obviously for football itself. But I might be lying if I didn’t admit that I also love it because I no longer have to pick out weekend outfits. College t-shirt and jeans Saturday, NFL t-shirt and jeans Sunday. Deal. Okay, so maybe it’s usually more like a t-shirt and sweatpants combo. Whatever. (Side Note: Victoria Secret’s Pink Line is my all time fav)


Fake Grown-Up Drinks. I’m a pro at going to Starbucks and ordering the beverage that tastes the most like a milkshake. While everyone else in line orders their iced coffee, I request the double fudge cookie crumble whipped cream triple thick frap. Not really. But kind of.


Any Song by Miley Cyrus. Or Demi Lovato. Or Selena Gomez.  Or the Cast of High School Musical. Maybe I even have a Miley Pandora station.



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