Tailgate Time

Fall is super nostalgic for me. As I pass through the school zones on the way to work, I can’t help but be reminded of my first week of high school. I was so jazzed to be able to sit in the student section for the first time at our football games.


I’d say that at age 14, I was probably mediocre looking at best. Rest assured, none of the senior football players were going to know who I was or actually see me as they passed me in the hall. Our quarterback did however have a locker in my same locker bay, and our paths crossed ever so often. One day in particular that very first week, as I drudged my way up the stairs to the 3rd floor of the building, carrying my algebra, biology, and english textbooks, notebooks, and folders, we passed. As I nervously attempted to smile, I lost my footing, fell facedown, and watched my belongings scatter onto the floor. He stopped to help pick up my items. I wished he hadn’t. That was single handedly my most mortifying high school experience…Until I fell down the bleachers at a basketball game.


Luckily, falling up the stairs in front of our star football player did not ruin my love for the sport. Because, College Football starts this Saturday, we’re having a party-complete with Rotel-at our place, and I could not be more excited.



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