Chocolate Peanut Butter, Teen Mom, V8, Picture Walls, and the Weekend

One of my fav ran a “Things to Love: August Edition” and I did, in fact love it. I truly believe that gratitude and happiness go hand in hand. I also firmly believe that often “the littlest things in life” can make the biggest difference.


Without further ado, here are the things that are kicking ass and taking names in my life I’m loving right now:

Jif Chocolate Silk To Go Packs: I wish I could say that I’d never gotten overly excited and made a scene at the grocery store. But, that’s just not true. It’s happened. More than once. Still, when I found the Jif Chocolate Silk To Go Packs, it was like an all-time high. I’m sure the other people in the aisle thought I’d just gotten engaged by the way I was behaving. And yet, after trying them, I don’t take it back. These things are AMAZE.


The Final Season of Teen Mom: I’m entirely aware that I talk about and obsess about Teen Mom way more than any normal 25 year old should. Probably more than any 16 year old should, for that matter. Oh well. I’ll follow Maci Bookout on Twitter for life. #SorryI’mNotSorry


Spicy V8: Since I’m a child and rarely eat vegetables, this product is a Godsend.


Picture Walls: We all have our strengths, and being crafty is absolutely not mine. That’s why I was pleasantly surprised by the end result of my semi-artsy picture wall. This project was a Saturday well spent.


A Weekend on the Horizon: No further explanation needed.


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