As mentioned in my previous post, we’ve got a couple weddings on the horizon. Meaning, I’ve got some dresses that I need to be able to zip. Believe it or not, in girl world, this is a real issue. And come October, I don’t want to be standing in my dress with two people holding the zipper together, while another breaks a sweat trying to successfully zip it up without catching any back fat. While I could ease my mind by simply eating well and exercising moderately, Lord knows I love chocolate. So instead, I’ll be eating quasi-well and exercising a little harder than usual.

My favorite workouts that don’t require stepping foot into the gym?

Sand Volleyball. I’m actually pretty terrible at this. I still serve underhand like I did in 7th grade. And quite honestly, I’m probably no better than I was in 7th grade. But it’s fun. The cast of Saved by the Bell loved it. And you get tan.


Running for a 5k, 10k, ½. Running in and of itself doesn’t do much for me, but I love training for races. It’s actually a blast to compete with other runners, you get a t-shirt when you register, and there’s often a cooler of popsicles at the end.


Hiking. This is the most “outdoorsy” that I get. It can be an awesome workout, depending on how hilly the course, and we get to bring our dog. And she gets to wear her bandana, which is just adorable.


Tennis. MY FAV. Okay, so I get a little excited. But seriously, I love tennis. I get way too competitive, curse more in a match than I do in a typical month, and sometimes my racket “slips” out of my hand. Yet even on my worst day, I’m not as out of control as  John McEnroe. So, I think I’m alright.



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